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Hey folks! Welcome to my little corner of creativity! I'm Chris Kuijten, a composer and producer from the Netherlands, totally into contemporary and electronic music. Started off with classical training on instruments like piano, flute, saxophone, and clarinet, which really laid down the groundwork for my musical journey.


However, it was my fascination with various electronic equipment that truly sparked my creativity and set me on a path of sonic exploration. The endless possibilities offered by samplers, computers and other electronic tools became my playground, inspiring me to constantly seek out new ways of making music.

Aside from my own artistic projects, I also run ALASQ studio, where I whip up custom tunes for all sorts of commercial gigs. From soundtracks for light-installation artists to films, live shows, and multimedia projects, I love putting my creative spin on things.

Balancing my roles as an artist and a commercial composer keeps things interesting. I get to explore different sides of music while still staying true to my passion for pushing boundaries and trying out new things.

So, buckle up and join me on this crazy sonic journey! Let's see where the music takes us next!



I wanted to do something pure again, something innocent. For four days, I locked myself in a small room, with a far-from-perfect piano and some microphones. I just started playing and let things happen. I wanted to capture my daydreaming character in an unpredictable way, spontaneous and undisturbed.


Due to the up-close recording technique, without any post-processing, you will hear the piano's hammers, the keys scraping, you will hear me sighing, the room breathing, and the creak of the stool fill the quieter moments.


Ultimately, I chose these twelve pieces to form this compilation called "Somnium Diem". Sit next to me on the piano stool and let's dream away.